Everything you need to know about prescribing 
and accessing plant medicine in Australia.

The history of plant-based medicine.

Across the globe, plant-based treatments have been used as an alternative therapy practice for thousands of years. Research has shown hundreds of different active compounds may have a variety of different effects on their consumers.

At Phytoca, it’s our mission to make the alternative the norm. We believe that high quality inputs provides a superior outcome for patients.

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Currently, plant medicine is available to Australian patients via the Special Access Scheme and Authorised Prescriber Scheme. Laws governing access vary from state to state.

You should always speak to your doctor before trying plant medicine.

If your healthcare professional believes that plant medicine could be an appropriate treatment for you, then they will first need approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in order to prescribe. Your doctor will then be responsible for monitoring your treatment.

Ordering plant medicine without a prescription is illegal, with a number of associated risks:

  • Multiple scam websites whereby products may not arrive
  • Products containing inappropriately high levels of active ingredients, unsuitable for an individual’s symptoms or circumstance, which can be harmful and/or ineffective
  • Products may be contaminated or contain undisclosed or dangerous ingredients
  • Products may have expired or be past their use-by date

Legally accessing plant medicine in Australia:

  • Ensures that products have been regulated against Australian quality and safety standards
  • Ensures products contain known quantities of active ingredients
  • Ensures products do not not contain any potentially harmful substances including moulds, fungi, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals or other
  • Involves the prescription and ongoing monitoring of a patient’s progress by a doctor

We provide education and support.

Together with Doctors and Pharmacists, we are building meaningful systems to support
the health and wellbeing of Australian patients.

The first step is to talk to your doctor who will conduct a full medical and mental health assessment. It’s here you can discuss any past or existing treatment plans or medicine you take.

Depending on your condition, your doctor will conduct further research regarding the use of plant medicine and its effects. A doctor may only prescribe plant medicine if you meet eligibility requirements, which include your current condition, past and existing treatment plans, and risk factors.

Should a plant medicine treatment plan be suitable for your condition, your doctor will need to apply for approval from the TGA. This process can take several days. More information about the approval process is available here.

Once approved, your doctor will be able to write a prescription for a suitable product. You’ll receive your approval and prescription which can be taken to a pharmacy that can order your prescribed product.

Your doctor will advise you of regular check-in appointments, which are important to discuss whether your treatment plan is working for you, if you are experiencing any side effects, and if any changes to your plan need to be made.

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Currently, plant medicine is available to eligible Australian patients via the Special Access Scheme and Authorised Prescriber Scheme. Laws governing access vary from state to state.

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