Legal vs. Illegal Cannabis

September 9, 2021
1 minute read

Medicinal cannabis prescribed by a doctor in Australia is legal.  Cannabis ordered online or without a prescription is illegal.

Accessing illegal medicinal cannabis carries a number of risks. Products may:
  • not arrive, and buyers are at risk of being scammed
  • contain too little or too much THC or CBD which can be either harmful or ineffective
  • be contaminated and contain undisclosed or dangerous ingredients
  • have expired or be past their use-by date.
Medicinal cannabis products accessed legally in Australia:
  • are regulated to ensure Australian quality and safety standards
  • must contain known quantities of the cannabinoids THC and CBD
  • are prescribed by a doctor who is responsible for monitoring the patient’s progress.
  • must not contain any moulds, fungi, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals or other potentially harmful substances
(Disclaimer) Always consult with a healthcare professional about whether plant-based medicines are appropriate for your needs.
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